14 Things Keeping You Up at Night

  1. Netflix giving you less than fifteen seconds to decide whether or not the next episode is worth another lost hour of sleep.
  2. Thoughts about what it’d be like to hang out with the guy with the hair from the bar earlier. Next mental step: what is most recent ex up to?
  3. Ideas on quick ways to lose three pounds.
  4. Remembering that you forgot to walk the dog.
  5. Worrying about whether or not you’ll hear your alarm go off in eight hours.
  6. Quick freak out regarding student loans and next month’s rent.
  7. Not being able to find that “comfy spot” yet.
  8. Drunk dials from friends that managed to make it out tonight, despite the low temperates and very fact that House of Cards season 3 is now available online.
  9. The Starbucks you shouldn’t have stopped for three hours ago.
  10. Deciding that now is the perfect time to swipe left or right, given that no one’s around.
  11. Thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow. *Le Sigh*
  12. The Internet. Just, as a whole.
  13. “Am I hungry? Am I bored? Is that Fourth Meal I smell downstairs?”
  14. Overthinking essentially everything and creating problems in your head that don’t actually exist in real life.

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