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DIY: To-Go Mason Jars

I have a really bad coffee habit. Hence, “Jules and Java”.  I might stop at two cups a day, or I may stop at four. Needless to say, the habit needs to be kicked to the curb with the substitution of something with a lot less caffeine, and a little DIY to get me motivated. To make your to-go mason jar, you’ll need the jar itself, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a paper straw.


 Put the lid of your mason jar back in its place, and center the tip of the screwdriver  to create the hole for where you want your straw to go.


Use your hammer to create the opening for your straw. Make sure the opening is wide enough.


 Remove the screwdriver, place the lid back on your mason jar, and place your straw through the opening you’ve created.


Although it can be used for just about anything chilled or cold, I like to use my mason jar for my latest obsession, which is fruit infused water.


 Pictured above: strawberry and mint

Next week I’ll be posting different recipes you can make using your mason jar as storage, from salads to iced drinks.


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