Fun Stuff

DIY: T-Shirt Turban

The hair turban: it’s a simple, stylish little touch that is perfect for the DIY lover in all of us. Not to mention, a lot better than those elastic hair bands that only end up ripping your hair out with each use. To create your hair turban, all you need is an old t-shirt and scissors. A size medium or small tends to work best, but you can play around with it.


Make sure to cut the seam off the bottom of your shirt, leaving enough fabric in the rest of the tee to start cutting your hair bands. When that’s done, cut 2.5 inch strips, leaving them as thin or thick as you like. You can cut as many as your shirt will allow, so don’t worry about cutting too many.


Next, take whichever strip you’d like, and twist it to create a figure 8.


Twist it one more time.


Now fold the figure 8 in half.


Now please enjoy this awkward selfie of me as I display my newly crafted T-shirt turban.



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