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5 Things You Should Give Up for Lent

1. Cursing

Giving up cursing for forty days will make you less likely to sound like a sailor after Easter. You’ll search for new words to replace things like “F*** You, You D***. I know what you did, you F****** P****.” Okay, so I’m a cursing poet. Who would have known? Swearing for every word isn’t exactly attractive though, and it doesn’t come across as very intelligent either. Use Lent to build up your vocabulary, nix the F-bombs, and form better speaking habits altogether.

2. Excessive Use of Your Credit Card

This is another “sacrifice” that can turn to good habit. Help yourself get out of debt now, know how to prevent it in the future. That chapstick and five dollar movie at the end caps of Target check-out lanes are NO reason to whip out your plastic. If you don’t have it in paper, you don’t have it at all.

3. The Guy/Girl You Call When You’re In Town

Drop it like it’s hot – which it probably is. Practice self control and make room for something better. You deserve it. Motivating enough? E-mail me, I’ll set you straight.

4. Your Phone

Okay, I’m not saying to give it up entirely. Instead, see how long you can go without having to use it – even for just ten minutes a day. You might even be able to help children in need attain clean water in the process, thanks to The Unicef Tap Project. Back when I was without a phone after having mine fall in the toilet of a fraternity bathroom, (ugh, yes, it happens to the best of us) I actually enjoyed that couple of days that I couldn’t be reached. Talk about peace of mind…

5. Ordering Food

You know what understands you better than Grubhub? A size four.


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