The Youngest Faces of the Wine Industry

ImageThe market for stuffier wines is diminishing with a new era of wine drinkers, who fall somewhere between being weekend bag slappers and high-end, educated drinkers. Say hello to the saviors of the wine industry, The Millennials. 

According to Ronan Stafford, Canadian Wine Report analyst, millennials above the legal drinking age guzzled up 25.7 percent of wine by volume in the U.S. in 2012. This is higher than the global average of 20.6, but lower than the 41.4 percent of wine by volume consumed by U.S. citizens aged 55 and up. (Yes, this also includes your Friday night Franzia fix, cheap-o).

As opposed to the pretentious labeling of generations before us, we’re going for the more authentic, transparent and relatable brands like TXT, Hobnob, Cupcake Vineyards, Bitch, and The Middle Sister. These brands cater to the millennial palette, and it’s no secret – as they’re making sweeter wines with funkier labeling. (Although I really dislike sweet wines.)

We like a good back story — I think that’s what this all boils down to. We have a major distrust with institutions, and find a good story more impressive than a price tag. Wow, we sound like really great people. But my guess is that we just have something else to be pretentious about, like craft beer. (Maybe we’re just a bunch of hipster douchebags).

With the millennial wine craze in mind, it’s not just the cutesy name brands planning to take advantage of the youngest group of legal drinkers. The “stuffier” brands, too, are coming to realize that we’re not as loaded as the generation of wine drinkers before us. While twenty dollars a bottle is our limit, we typically like to stay in the $10-$12 range. In other words, we’re kind of calling the shots here.

And being the social media mavens we are, we’re doing wine makers another good service by more or less advertising our favorites on our plethora of online platforms.

And they said we’d never be good for anything.


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